Reality Atmosphere AR70 8W

The Reality Atmosphere range of lamps emit a warmer light as you dim, to create a more relaxing ambience. The effect known as Warm Dimming does not have anything to do with the actual heat or physical warmth of the bulb, it is when an LED bulb's colour temperature lowers when dimmed. The lower the brightness the warmer the colour. This is a natural replication since at sunset the sky appears more warm in color, which puts our minds in a different gear and helps transition us to the night-time. Many incandescent and halogen bulbs naturally have this effect, yet are inefficient. When the Reality Atmosphere Lamps dim, they retain their high efficency, yet still produce the relaxing and comforting feel of an appealing "warmer" glow.

The AR70 Reality Atmosphere Lamp is equivalent to a 55W halogen lamp and, like a halogen lamp, is dimmable.

AR70 2800K - 2000K

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